Our Post-Construction Services

Arki Construction, Inc. strives to achieve a zero item punch list, however, punch list items are completed as quickly as possible while maintaining our highest level of quality. Because we maintain the highest level of supervision throughout the construction of every project, and establish transparent communication with all interested parties, most issues are addressed and resolved prior to the post-construction phase. Quality control is enforced during each of the activity process to insure a materialistic or non-existent punch list to the extent the industry allows.

Limited Punchlist

Arki Construction, Inc. maintains each project’s as-built documents and provides electronic access to all interested parties. In this manner, the as-built designs are available immediately for Owner review each time and addendum or change order is issued. With our continually upgraded technologies, as-built documents are no longer an item left to the end of the project – the client has full access 100% of the time. In this manner, final as-built documents are virtually free of error. Every addendum or change order, addressed immediately, is verified by Arki Construction, Inc., the client and any other interested party (Architect, Engineer, local government, etc.).


Arki Construction, Inc. provides each client with all equipment warranties, training manuals, permits and inspection reports for permitting and future reference. We schedule any training seminars as necessary, maintain OSHA MSDS as required and Operation/Maintenance Manuals for all equipment installed. In addition, and on larger project, we host educational sessions with any appropriate manufacturer’s representative for any HVAC mechanical equipment, electrical systems and any other specialty items that is part of the end product and a necessity for the use in the building.


Arki Construction, Inc. assists the client with obtaining occupancy permits as required. Because all permits and inspection reports are compiled and tracked in a systematic manner, occupancy permitting is never a problem. Although unlikely to occur, Arki Construction, Inc. accepts any and all responsibility for addressing any issues that may arise from construction issues during the occupancy permitting phase. As with client generated punch list items, such issues are addressed quickly and our highest level of quality is maintained for permitting punch list items arising directly from construction issues.

Close-Out Documents

Arki Construction, Inc. will prepare and deliver to each Owner a Closeout Documents binder in hard copy and in an electronic format. The Closeout Documents are complete with each trades warranty letters, (i.e. HVAC Equipment, Roofing, Electrical Systems, etc.) a list of all sub-contractors’ name and contact information, the Certificate of Occupancy along with Arki Construction, Inc. own warranty letter for the agreed upon period. Arki Construction, Inc. is know for its quick response time to its previous client in attending to any warranty claim in the unlikely event if they arise.


Arki Construction, Inc. is set to provide general maintenance agreements to its clients and to other current building Owners that are seeking to protect their investment. Our maintenance division is fully staffed with skilled craftsman able ready and willing to remedy any scenario of a construction defect. Additionally, Arki Construction, Inc. will utilize nothing less than what was originally specified on every project for material and replacement parts in making the needed repairs. Lastly, Arki Construction, Inc.’s maintenance division will proactively visit and perform certain per-determined multi-points inspections at certain time interval to prevent any costly breakdowns and failure across all 16 trade divisions.

Contact Arki Construction, Inc. for a more in-depth packet of information. One can be sent to you via a PDF file or a Hard Copy packet complete with additional qualifications for your review and consideration.