Our Construction Capabilities

Our professional experience offers you a full range of construction services, from preliminary design consultation, pre-construction services, general contracting, construction management, to turn-key construction. Our construction capabilities cover all types of construction, but not limited to, design/build of custom homes, mixed use projects, office buildings, apartment buildings, commercial buildings, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, industrial and public facilities as well as high-end tenant improvements / office build-outs. Arki Construction, Inc. demonstrates exceptional capabilities on a number of various construction projects. Arki Construction, Inc. strives to meet each client’s needs structurally, aesthetically and financially. We believe that using tried and true methodologies saves the client money and produces a high-quality, durable structure every time.

Office Buildings

Arki Construction, Inc. has experience with a variety of office building construction projects. From 100% new construction to office rehabilitation and build-outs, Arki Construction, Inc. has surfaced as a market leader in office construction in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.

Mixed Use Projects

Arki Construction, Inc. is the firm to trust for you mixed use project design and construction. We have mastered the concept of combining living, shopping, entertainment and other uses to provide residents the ability to remain close to home for most of their needs. An increasingly popular development alternative, mixed-use construction requires knowledge of the specifics that accompany this sort of construction

Special Use Facilities

Arki Construction, Inc. has completed a number of special use facilities, including highly innovative car washes and guard facilities for gated communities. Our ability to grasp the intricacies of high-tech machinery ensures timely completion of even the most innovative projects. Furthermore, our advanced scheduling and analysis technologies ensures minimal invasion of neighboring facilities or community residents.

Restaurant Buildings

Arki Construction, Inc. has completed a number of restaurant construction projects. We have established ourselves as one of the leading restaurant construction specialists in the Florida/Georgia/South Carolina region. Our success with restaurant construction is due, in part to our expertise in this highly specialized sector of the construction industry. Additionally, our advanced technologies ensure timely completion and we strive for a zero item punch list to minimize post construction disturbance of your customer’s. Like any customer service structure, we understand that the client will only make money when the restaurant is fully operational.

Tenant Improvements

Arki Construction, Inc. offers a wealth of experience with tenant improvements, particularly office build-outs. Our construction methods minimize interruption of client operations during construction. Because this is a highly specialized facet of the construction industry, we pride our accomplishments within the tenant improvement sector. Our advanced technologies ensure a full analysis of the most beneficial process for budget, use and time constraints.

Hotel Construction

Arki Construction, Inc. has successfully completed deluxe Hotel construction. We understand that luxury can be affordable. Using the most advanced technologies and construction methods, we ensure that the project is completed on-time and within budget, exceeding the client’s expectations of quality. We are sensitive to the fact that, especially with luxury accommodations, it is necessary to achieve 100% completion before you, the client, can realize an income from the property. By closely monitoring every phase of construction, we strive for a zero item punch list so there are no worries of construction interfering with your guest’s experience.

Industrial Buildings

Arki Construction, Inc. has been involved in assessing many industrial project and participate in their improvement and expansions. our expertise can be extended into major warehouse type construction, our knowledge of highly toxic material storage among other industrial system operation and manufacturing has propelled us to be one valuable source for their planning and construction.

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